Thursday, 27 June 2013

[[Sasuke Uchiha Lemon]]

There hadn't been much that had happened that day, very little to be honest. It was about midnight as I walked through the Akatsuki hide out, passing through the lounge seeing Sasuke along with Karin having a make out session on the couch. I smirked slightly and shook my head as I continued on to the room I was heading to. Karin was such an idiot, absolutely oblivious to anything and everything and it truthfully amused me. I stepped into the room heading over to the bed, looking underneath the frame and grabbing my clothes that were hidden by the covers of the bed that were cascading over the sides of the mattress and metal frame. I stripped out of my cloak and pulled the sheer silky nightgown over my bra and panties before crawling up onto the bed. Not a moment later Sasuke stepped into the room, closing the door behind him with a soft, click. He looked over at me and I smirked slightly cocking my head to the side

"Fancy meeting you here" I said, a small smirk still playing on my lips.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow as he makes his way over to the bed, pulling his Akatsuki cloak off his body as he continues to walk letting the cloak fall to the ground, leaving him shirtless as he climbs onto the bed and lays down beside me.

"Really? You do realize that this is my bedroom right?" He replies.

I smile slightly staring into his dark onyx eyes as he grabs me by the waist and pulls me close to his body, crashing his lips to mine as he does so. I can feel the corners of his lips raise into a smirk as our lips move in synch while we kiss. It feels like it has been forever since I felt his lips against mine when in reality, this had all happened last night as well. He bites lightly onto my lower lip and I grant him entrance before feeling is tongue exploring my mouth, feeling its way through every crevice, every nook and cranny. I let him push me onto my back as we kiss, feeling him on his knees and his legs, one on either side of my waist. He pulls back abruptly and I look up at him, following his eyes over to the door to the room that was now open. She stands there, a look of betrayal on her face as she looks from Sasuke to me then back again. I smirk at Kirin knowingly. She had finally found out, after all these months the real standings of her and Sasuke's relationship. She purses her lips and without saying a word she slams the door most likely going to sulk back to her room. I look back up at Sasuke who is already looking down at me. He leans down to my ear, I can feel his hot breath against it.

"Looks like she found out, we don't have to sneak around anymore" He chuckles quietly.

I smile slightly at that and nod, turning towards him and pressing my lips to his again. I wrap my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers through his hair kissing him until I inhale sharply, feeling his hands creep their way up the sheer fabric of my nightgown and pull it off my body unexpectedly. He start to kiss down my jawline to my neck, going over to my soft spot and working on it there. I bite my lower lip, going half lidded as he pampers the spot with kisses. I breathe in as he flicks his tongue out, circling the area before running his teeth over it. He starts sucking lightly as his hands wander up to my back, quickly unhooking my bra then bringing his hands towards my breasts, cupping one of them in his hand. I bite down hard on my lip, drawing blood, not yet wanting to make any sound for him. I can feel him smirk against my neck as he starts to massage my breast with his one hand, taking my nipple in his thumb and index finger and rolling it between them. I feel myself shudder to his touch as he makes his way over to my other breast with his lips and wraps his tongue around my other nipple and starts sucking. I finally let out a quiet moan, running my hands through his hair as he works on my breasts...I can already feel my panties starting to get wet. He kisses his way back up to my lips and I look him in the eyes, feeling my love turn to lust. I start to kiss at his neck, pulling at the waist band of his pants. I smile slightly as he starts to kick them off his legs, leaving him in his boxers alone. He pushes me back onto my back and I look up at him, raising an eyebrow. He lowers his head near my ear again and I smirk slightly.

"Let me have my fun first, then I'll let you have yours" He whispers seductively.

I roll my eyes but give him a slight nod. He starts to rub my inner thigh going up close to my woman hood then back down, lower again. I whine quietly as he does this, wanting him to just touch me already. He smirks slightly but starts to pull my panties down slowly off my body. He gets them off of me and fling them off somewhere else in the room leaving me completely naked. He stares down at my body hungrily before letting his hands wander down, starting from my breasts to my waist to my thighs. He finally lets a hand run straight over my womanhood and I feel myself shudder violently. He smirks slightly, letting his hand run through the fine hair on my lower front before letting his fingers make their way around and through my folds. I moaned for a second time, feeling my juices start to dribble out of my body. I gasp as he suddenly sticks a finger inside of me pumping it in and out slowly. My lower lip wobbles as he starts to fit more of his finger inside of me. I can feel him rubbing me on the inside and moan loudly as he touches my clit. He keeps up with these actions and as if my body moves on its on, I thrust my hips feeling an insane amount of pleasure.

"You're getting really tight there" Sasuke says, clearly enjoying my reactions to all of his actions.

He pulls his fingers out of me, licking them slowly before smirking. He presses his hands on my waist and makes me separate my legs. Before I know  it, his head is between my thighs and I can feel something wet and hot making their way through my folds.  I moan loudly again as I feel Sasuke plunge his tongue inside of me, hitting all the right spots. I moan out his name in pleasure as he passes my clit again with his tongue and unwillingly cum into his mouth. He comes back up with a smirk, wiping my juices off of the side of his face before pulling off his boxers. I watch him as he positions himself in front of my entrance and starts to push himself in. I moan as he does and pull him down, pressing my lips to his kissing him deeply as he starts to thrust in and out quickly. I buck my hips into his and smirk slightly hearing him let out a low moan. I wrap my legs around his waist as he continues to thrust in and out and somehow flip the tables getting him on his back. I smirk slightly as he groans quietly, pulling myself up so he is out of me and use my chakra to make sure that he stays down.

"Looks like it's my turn" I say with a smirk.

I plant a kiss on his lips before letting my fingers run down his chest slowly. I smirk slowly as I feel him shiver at my touch and hover my hand over his manhood. I wrap my hand around his crotch and start pumping slowly watching him as he closes his eyes holding back a moan. I raise an eyebrow as I lean down and kiss the tip. I smirk as his eyes open wide and look down at me. I stick my tongue out teasingly getting dangerously close to his shaft before pretending to change my mind and close my mouth again. I laugh quietly as he groans and lick up from the shaft to the tip and start to suck. I can hear him moaning loudly, moaning my name and I smirk, fitting more of him into my mouth and sucking harder. He's fidgeting all over the place but I restrain him with my chakra. I smirk slightly as I pull away from his member and hear him groan quietly. I can tell that all he wants to do is release as I get up over his body and position myself, lowering myself onto his crotch again and I start to rotate my hips around in small circles. I start riding him faster, grinding and bouncing on him, giving and receiving great amounts of pleasure until suddenly I somehow end up back underneath Sasuke. I look up at him in surprise and he gives me a smirk that said that my hold on him was obviously not strong enough. He started trusting in and out quickly and I moaned loudly, feeling more of my own juices start to drip out of me. I gripped onto the bed sheets yelling out his name as he went faster until we both came at the exact same time. He pulled out, collapsing next to me and pulling me close. A thin layer of sweat covered both our bodies and we were both panting like dogs.

"I love you" He whispered as he hit the lights.

I smiled slightly and snuggled into his chest, feeling suddenly very sleepy. I let my heavy eyelids droop over my eyes and my entire body relax as I smiled

" I love you to" I muttered quietly.


  1. It was extremely sexual and interesting enough... Entertaining the female reader was a bitch new turn I guess but it always annoys me when things are misspelled but you have done very well ,nice job my name is Mr.lemon

  2. I liked it except for the fact that Sasuke and Karin were making out.