Sunday, 9 February 2014

[[Akatsuki Kain Lemon]]

I downed the rest of my blood tablet and water mixture, setting the glass down on the coffee table in front of me. It was the middle of the day and all of the night class students were asleep, well everyone but me. I sighed quietly as I got up, heading up the stairs again going back to my room. I stepped into my dark room, turning to close my door before arching my eyebrows, letting go of the doorknob.

"Why are you here? You should be asleep in your own room" I said quietly as I turned towards my bed, leaning against the door.

Akatsuki got up from laying on my bed into a sitting position and looked at me tilting his head slightly as he stared at me. I pushed off the door making my way over to the bed standing in front of it, staring down at Akatsuki as I rested my hand on my hip. He pulled his fiery hair away from his face, staring lazily into my eyes with his own amber ones. Before I could do anything he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down onto the bed on top of him. I closed my eyes as I rested my head on his chest and we lay there for a while. I opened my eyes again and looked up at him smiling slightly when he looked down at me. I craned my neck, pressing my lips to his.

"What about you?" He murmered against my lips "Shouldnt you be asleep?"

"I was getting a drink..." I replied quietly as we pulled away

"Did it satisfy your need?"

I shrugged lightly not giving him an answer...blood tablets in water were never satisfying...but it was what we had. He adjusted out positions so we were laying next to each other and I watched as he threw off his already unbuttoned shirt. He raised his hand to his neck, pressing the ends of his finger nails into his neck which broke the skin and started to trickle blood. He pulled me close, gently bringing my head to his neck. I bit my lip, staring at the puncture he had made in his neck...the scent of his blood was driving me insane.

"Drink" He said softly.

I obliged without a word, pressing my lips to his neck and biting down lightly with my fangs as I started to drink from him. Blood tablets were nothing compared to the taste of real blood, nothing in the slightest. I felt his blood dribble from the corner of my mouth down to my chin as I pulled away and licked at the area I had bitten before looking at him, feeling better than I had in a long time. He leaned down towards me, licking from my chin up to my lips and kissed me. I ran my hands up and down from his chest down to his abdomen then back up again, wrapping my arms around his neck as we kissed. He bit down on my bottom lip, drawing a small amount of blood as he did so. He sucked lightly on my lip before slipping his tongue into my mouth and roaming freely as he started to pull the straps of my top down from my arms, pulling the top down around my waist. I gasped quietly as I felt his hands slip under my bra starting to work on my breasts, squeezing and massaging them as he kissed down my jawline to my neck. His tongue flicked out, licking up my neck before he bit down and plunged his fangs into my neck. I closed my eyes as he drank from me, and let a moan escape from my lips as he pinched lightly at my nipples. His hands made their way behind my back, unclasping my bra. I pulled away from him pulling the bra and my top (that was still around my waist) off of my body as well as shedding the rest of my clothes before kissing Akatsuki again. He pulled back staring at me with a smirk.

"That was fast..." He said chuckling quietly, referring to me already naked.

"Shut up," I muttered quietly

I watched as he too pulled off the rest of his clothes, throwing his pants and boxers over the side of the bed and I looked at him biting my lip lightly as I stared as his naked figure before he pulled me close again. He pushed his lips to mine again and I pressed my chest up against his, making the both of us moan into the kiss. I rolled over on top of him as I pulled away from the kiss and hovered over top of him as he looked up at me, leaning back into the mattress. I ran the tip of my index finger down the front of his chest,with a smirk before yelping in surprise, having him switch positions with me again.I looked up at him hovering overtop of me, smiling faintly as I pressed my lips to his again. He faintly smiled as he kissed back, his hands on either side of my head. He used one hand to brush over the side of my thigh and I wrapped my arms around his neck again, pulling him down closer to my body gently. He pulled away and began licking from my ear lobe, down my neck while his hand began moving up my shirt. I shivered slightly at his touch holding back a moan that was threatening to come out as he brushed his fingers over one of my bra cups. I could feel myself breathing unevenly in anticipation, looking up at him as he smirked as his hand slipped under the cup and he massaged my breast and began undoing my shirt. I moaned quietly, closing my eyes as my head lolled back, I felt him take off my shirt as well as my bra while at it and opened my eyes to see he had tossed them aside. He took of his shirt as well and began to massage both my breasts while leaving butterfly kisses on my neck. I breathed unevanly, craning my neck more as I felt him pass over her soft spot causing me to bite my lip lightly, taking short shallow breaths. I felt him smirk against my skin as he went back and nipped at my soft spot, licking it a bit, and then nipping it again. Each time he licked it I could feel him suck on it lightly. I moaned quietly feeling my heart race, my hands found their way to his head and she tugged gently on his hair. He licked down further and further before he removed a hand from one of my breasts and began sucking on it while the other was being massaged by his other hand. I arched my back moaning louder, pushing more of my breast into his mouth feeling myself getting hot. I blushed knowing that my woman hood was starting to get wet as I looked at him lustfully. Akatsuki smirked, pleased as he nibbled on my nipple before he switched breasts. I looked at him, half lidded and bit my lip taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I twitched slightly as my wetness grew while he did the same to the other breast and then kissed down my chest and stomach. He did it very slowly  and smirked lightly as he stopped kissing above my womanhood . I blushed even darker then I already was as I crossed one of my legs over the other trying to hide, embarrassed by the fact that I was just about dripping wet.

"Come on now, do I have to force your legs apart?" He said, a smirk clear on is face.

I rolled my eyes as I slowly uncrossed my legs at his words. Akatsuki leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before looking me over. He smirked deviously looking at my womanhood

"You're so wet already...however, you are not yet wet enough."

His head disappeared between my legs as I began to feel him lick up the precum, and I moaned feeling his hot wet tongue in contact with my womanhood. I stared to fidget, closing my eyes and  spread my legs further apart as I held onto the sheets tightly. Akatsuki lightly brushed over my clit with his tongue and licked slowly around it causing me to moan loudly. My eyes rolled back as I closed them again and arched my back. He continued with his tongue and started to push the warm, wet muscle inside of me. I bit her lip, holding back her moans, instead gripping the sheets, feeling my toes curl at the amount of pleasure this was bringing to my body. He pulled back out and instead pushed two fingers inside of me to start off causing me to breathe heavily, wincing slightly as he started off. I rotated my hips slowly getting more used to the feeling as he added a third finger in slowly, pumping slightly. I moaned quietly as the new feeling started to turn to pleasure which caused him to pump harder. I moaned loudly as I shuddered and felt myself orgasm. I blushed deeply as she bit her lip, embarrassed at my sensitivity. He pulled his fingers out and smirked at me while licking my juices off of his fingers and I blushed, pulling him down and sitting on top of his stomach, resting my hands on his chest. I smirked as he watched me and placed his hands on my hips. I went up on my knees, moving back from his stomach until she was hovering over top of his member . I slowly started lowering herself onto him pushing on slowly. Akatsuki leaned up a bit and kissed my forehead as I pushed on all the way, hearing him groan quietly. I looked at him and started rotating her hips slowly as he began to thrust into me as well as he could, him being on the bottom. I rested my hands on his body as I started grinding on him, moaning quietly. He groaned, and I could feel my walls tighten around him as he pounded into me. I moaned loudly as I started bouncing up and down on him, feeling his manhood go further into her my woman hood and cried out when he slammed into me, gripping my waist and breathing heavily.I closed my eyes as my head hung back in pleasure while I breathed heavily, feeling my walls start to tighten around him. I felt him reach over as he thrusted into me feeling his fingers began to flutter over my clitoris. This caused me to moan loudly feeling my walls tighten around his manhood even more. His fingers danced around her and I breathed unevenly as I felt my body shudder at his actions. I heard him moan quietly as he thrusted harder and faster, hitting my G-Spot every time. I held onto his shoulders, hanging my head feeling herself tighten around him completely.

"I-I'm going to...Ah-" I moaned feeling myself orgasm again.

 "Me too..." Akatsuki groaned, cumming soon after I did.

He shook all over as he orgasmed and slowly pushed me off of him, causing the mix of our juices to run down my inner thighs before he lay her down next to him. He was breathing heavily and sweating as was I as he pulled me close.

"Go to sleep now..." He said quietly, but I barely heard him as I drifted off

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[[Sosuke Aizen Lemon]]

I walked through the halls of Las Noches heading towards Aizen-Sama's room. I was told by Gin that he was requesting to see me, for what? I hadn't the faintest idea. It seemed like the entire rest of Las Noches was empty as I stepped through the halls, the click-clack of my heals (which were pare of my uniform....I did not choose to wear them voluntarily) echoing off the walls of the hallway. I came upon the huge door that led into Aizen's room. I knocked on the door lightly, but hard enough to be heard.

"Come in..." Said a deep voice from behind the door.

I pushed the door open and stepped into the massive bedroom. I closed the door and looked over to see Aizen on his bed, his back leaning against the headboard and his eyes facing me. I cocked my head slightly and stepped further into the room, hearing the door fall closed behind me.

"You wanted to see me, Aizen-Sama" I said quietly, looking at him.

His dark brown eyes looked my body over before returning to my own as he nodded and motioned me over. I stepped closer towards the bed, the click-clacking of my heels once again being the only sound in the room. As I approached the bed, he got up and off the bed, staring at me until I was right in front of him. I looked up at his figure, towering a few inches above me awaiting to hear the reason I was there.

"You would do anything for me, right?" He asked suddenly, staring intently into my eyes.

I nodded my head. Aizen was the one who changed me. Made me into an Arrancar, a better being then I ever could have been on my own. Of course I would do anything for him. I looked at him slightly curious, what had he meant by his question? I thought he had known that I would...after all, I was one of his most loyal subjects.

"Disrobe." He said.

I blinked and looked at him in confusion. Disrobe? Did he mean...He raised an eyebrow at me when I didn't do anything and I arched my eyebrows and said nothing as I slipped out of my uniform, leaving me in nothing but my black lace panties. I looked at him and before I could do anything he had me pinned down on the bed with him on top of me.

"A...Aizen-Seima, what are you-" I started, just before I was cut off by his lips at mine

He kissed me hungrily, running his hands up and down my body as he did so. I was completely caught off guard by this...but at the same time I loved it; his hands on my body and his lips on mine. This is what I had been waiting for since I ever heard the first few words he had said to me.

"I've been having all these thoughts about you...thoughts that I really just want to make a reality" He said lustfully against my lips.

I nodded as I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting him know that I wanted all of this. He bit my lip, tugging forcefully signalling for me to let him in. I parted my lips obediently blushing as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and started exploring it, claiming me as his. He played with my tongue and I let my hands slip under his shirt, running my fingertips down his sculpted chest. He pulled back looking at me as he pulled his shirt off of his body and threw it off of him. He looked down at me smirking slightly at my small body under his built form and stared at my womanhood which were still covered by my panties. I blushed as he did so, feeling myself very quickly getting wet due to how he was looking at me. He smirked slightly as he looked at me and looked into my eyes before getting up and heading over to one of the drawers in the room. I watched as he pulled out a spool of rope as well as a cloth and came back over to the bed.

"How about we make this a little more interesting?" He muttered.

Before I could give him an answer he tied the piece of cloth around me making my world completely black. I felt him hoist me up and bring me over somewhere as he kissed at my neck. I could feel my arms going up above my head and become restrained to some kind of post, leaving me standing there with my arms bound and unable to see a thing. I heard a rustling noise and soon felt arms around my waist. I felt the brush of Aizens hair at my neck and soon something warm and wet against one of my breast. I gasped quietly knowing it was his tongue as he started to work it around the breast before it finally encircled my erect nipple. I moaned as I felt his teeth graze the nub and he started nibbling lightly. I bit my lip to hush myself up but that didn't do a thing because as soon as I did I felt his fingertips over my woman hood. The only thing between his skin and mine, the thin cloth of my lace panties. I moaned slightly louder, feeling myself getting hotter as he continued sucking on my breast and rubbing my woman hood. I shuddered knowing that this was all too much as I felt myself orgasm which soon followed by the outflow of my own juices.

"You're so sensitive, I've barely even started..." Aizen chuckled mysteriously.

I fidgeted slightly wishing I wasn't bound up as I felt his touch leave my body entirely. I bit my lip, anxious to see what he would do next and arched my back when I felt his fingers graze my woman hood...this time without the barrier that my panties has given me. I could feel the flimsy piece of undergarment slide down my legs and hit the floor which left me entirely naked. I could feel Aizens hands at my thighs as he pushed them apart slightly which made me hold them apart as far as they would go. I blushed as I heard him chuckle at my actions and soon felt soft kisses on my inner thighs going up extremely close to my womanhood before dropping back down, away from it. I whined quietly and heard Aizen chuckle. I could feel his warm breath on my inner thighs.

"What is it you want me to do? I need to hear you say it before I do anything" He said

"Just do whatever you were going to do..." I said shakily, I was pretty sure I knew what his actions were going to be.

"I have to hear you ask me to do it first. or I won't. Tell me what you want me to do to you" He said

"Please...taste me...just do it...please taste me..." I pleaded, just wanting to feel him lick me.

I knew he heard what he wanted to when he smirked against my thigh and kissed his way up again, finally letting his lips press onto my opening, feeling him kiss me before letting his tongue flick out of his mouth. I moaned loudly as I felt his hot, wet tongue against me as he started working away, licking through my folds before plunging his tongue into me. I groaned loudly as his tongue passed over my clit and I let my legs move apart even further to give him more space. He took advantage of this, I could feel him press right up to me as I felt him starting to suck on my clit. It felt incredible, I cried out as I felt myself go over the edge again as I came for a second time. I took heavy breaths as I felt him licking up my juices before feeling him leave my body entirely. A few moments later the makeshift blindfold was taken off and my world was bathed in light. I blinked a few times to get used to the exposure and when I finally did, I blushed. Aizen was standing in front of me, his body rid of his own clothes. I bit my lip as I looked his body over, feeling myself already start to drip as I looked at his manhood. I looked back up at his face to see him smirking as he undid the ropes that had bound me to the bed post. As soon as he did, my arms wrapped themselves around him and I pressed my body against his.

"Now let me show you what I can do..." I said, against his ear.

I let my fingers run down his body as I started to get down on my knees. I blushed darkly as I stared as his manhood head on before taking it between my two small hands. I started pumping my two hands up and down him, starting slowly but gradually started to speed up and apply more force. I heard him moan quietly as I did so and smiled at the sound. I soon stopped those actions and stood back up, looking down at his full grown erection. I looked at him to see that he had started to breathe heavily.

"Suck me..." He said huskily.

I smirked slightly before getting back on my knees and started to get to work. I ran my index finger over his entire length before kissing down it from base to tip. My tongue made it's way out and I started to run it up and down his manhood before taking him into my mouth. I could feel him tense up as soon as I had started sucking his throbbing member. I heard him moan out my name as he tangled his fingers through my hair, tugging as I sucked and soon started running my teeth over his member. He groaned loudly and trusted, making me gag slightly but I soon recovered and stopped my actions. I stood and looked at him smiling slightly, knowing that he wanted more. I stepped toward him and rubbed my womanhood against his large member, feeling my fluids starting to drip out of me again, all I wanted was for him to be inside of me. He understood my actions and picked me up, laying me down on the bed. I stared up at him as he crawled up on top of me and bit my lip as he put his hands on my thighs and spread them apart. He lined up with my entrance and poked and prodded at my entrance.

"Aizen-sama...." I whined quietly

He smirked slightly as he continued teasing me. I started to fidget, getting impatient as he kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I kissed back and pulled him closer, running my hands down his chest, quite annoyed by his actions

"What is it that you want?" He muttered against my lips

"You. I want to feel you inside of me, please stop teasing just do it" I said without hesitation

He smirked against my lips and slammed into me. I expected it to hurt like hell, but I guess being an arrancar had it's benefits. It didn't hurt at all. I moaned loudly as soon as he was inside me, feeling him thrust in and out, in and out. I rolled over on top of him and started to grind on top of him, feeling my wetness grow. He held onto my hips, guiding me as I did this and I threw my head back, closing my eyes feeling pure pleasure. I switched my actions as I started bouncing on top of him, feeling his member go deep inside me as his hands left my waist and went back up to my breasts, rolling both my nipples between  his fingers. I felt myself tighten around his member as I came; my fluids leaking down onto his crotch area. As soon as that happened I was back under him, he was thrusting faster than I thought was possible. I lifted my legs up, over his shoulders so he would have an easier time. I closed my eyes, moaning and hearing nothing but the sound of his groans, heavy breaths and the sound of skin slapping skin. He rammed into my hard as I felt his sticky fluids fill me up and mix with mine. He collapsed beside me, not bothering to pull out as he wrapped me up in his arms and we both drifted off.

Friday, 28 June 2013

[[Hidan Lemon]]

I sighed as I flopped onto my bed, it had been forever since I had been able to relax...basically everyone in the Akatsuki was getting hurt and I had been everywhere fixing everyone up like crazy. I felt my eyelids droop over my eyes as I started feeling sleep taking over my mind before I heard my door being opened and closed. I groaned quietly, just wanting to get some rest before the metallic, iron scent of blood invaded my nose. I looked over to see Hidan barely able to stand with a huge gash in the middle of his chest and many other gashes around the rest of his arms and legs, which was surprising him being immortal and all. I got up going over to him, quite shocked.

"Oh my G-" I started "Hidan, what did you do to yourself?!"

Hidan looked at me and shrugged slightly giving me a small smirk. I went over, taking his arm and slowly led him over to my bed having him lay down before I ran to my bathroom gathering a few medical supplies. I headed back over to him and pulled his Akatsuki cloak off as I started cleaning out the cuts and wounds, muttering sorry every time he winced. I could tell his chakra was dangerously low as I started to dress his wounds...I knew how to fix that, but I had never done it before. I bit my lip setting the things aside knowing that I had to try...after all, it was a gift I had. It was the reason that I was in the Akatsuki, I had to use my clan's kekkei genkai. Most people didn't know about it because of how different from others.

"Hidan, your chakra...its bassically almost gone..." I said, looking at him

"Fuck..." He cursed quietly.

"I can fix it though...don't move and just let me do my job" I said quietly.

He looked at me raising an eyebrow and nodded. I bit my lip and took a breath as I pulled his pants off of his body, leaving him in his boxers. Without thinking I  placed my hand on top of  his crotch area, feeling him tense up. I looked at him as I started rubbing my hand in circles around the area feeling him getting hard underneath my hand. He was taking shallow breaths and his hands were cleanched together as he watched me. I let some chakra flow through my hand before pulling his boxers off, revealing his manhood. I blushed slightly staring at it forgetting what I was doing at that moment.

"Like what you see?"

I looked over to see Hidan wearing a smirk on his face and my blush only worsened. Without answering I wrapped my hand around his manhood starting to push chakra in while I pumped my hand up and down his shaft. I looked at him as I heard him groan quietly and started pushing more chakra into him, lacing the little chakra that he did have with mine. I could feel him flinch slightly and I muttered a sorry, forgetting that after a while of the chakra transfer, it would start to hurt. I lowered my head down in front of his manhood, taking the tip into my mouth, starting to suck in hopes that it would ease the pain. I could feel him tense and start to moan as I bobbed my head up and down, in synch with my hand that was still going up and down around his shaft, feeding my own chakra into him. I looked at him to see his head thrown back moaning my name quietly and I blushed surprised as I felt myself starting to get wet just by watching him and hearing him moaning my name like that which made me feel the need to please him even more. I ran the edge of my teeth over his manhood and smirked slightly feeling him shudder before he surprised me by suddenly releasing into my mouth. I swallowed before sitting back up to see him half lidded, looking at me. I bit my lip as I pulled off my shorts and panties revealing my womanhood. He stared at me and I deciphered a slight look of shock seeing that I was now quite wet. I got up onto my knees, positioning myself over his manhood and bit my lip as I started lowering myself onto him. I whimpered as the pain hit me of his manhood hitting my barrier and before I knew it, he had me under him and my Akatsuki cloak was off leaving me naked like him.

"Your a virgin..." He said stating the obvious.

I nodded anyway, squeezing my eyes shut. The pain was unbearable, but my eyes shot open as I felt something hot and wet against one of my breast. I looked to see Hidan running his tongue over the skin of my breast, kissing every so often before passing the tip of his tongue over my nipple which made it instantly go hard. He took it in his fingers, starting to roll it between them to mask the pain, making me moan as he slowly pushed his manhood further inside of me. As he rolled the first in his fingers he went over to the second, wasting no time at all he took the nipple in his mouth and started to suck as he pushed in all the way. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as the pain and pleasure mixed together making the moment bitter sweet before moaning loudly as the pain was replaced with pleasure, and the feeling of pleasure sky rocketed. Hidan started to push in and out, pumping in and out of me slowly, muttering something about how tight I was. I wrapped my legs around his waist hoping that it would somehow help him in going faster and moaned loudly along with him as I thrust my hips into his. I could feel my womanhood feeling extremely hot as it tightened around Hidans manhood which sent him over the edge as we moaned out each others names as we both climaked at the same time. At that moment I could feel our chakra mix together, forming one which helped in replenishing his chakra entirely. Replacing all the chakra he had lost left the both of us with a mix of each others chakras. I bit my lip feeling the sticky juices of him and me dribble down from my womanhood to my inner thighs as he pulled out, laying in bed next to me, pulling me close to his body. I smiled slightly as I closed my eyes,feeling him press a sweet kiss against my forehead before I finally let sleep take over my entire body.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

[[Kensei Muguruma Lemon]]

(So the story is going to be set during the time when the Visoreds are still Shinigamis)

"Hey, give it back!" Lisa yells as she chases behind me.

I laugh as I shunpo through the streets of the seireitei, clutching Lisa's josei manga magazine. I turn to look back at her as I run, sticking my tongue out at her teasingly...that is until I run into someone and fall to the floor. I drop the manga as I hit the floor, falling flat onto my bum and look up to see my division captain, Kensei standing there. He looks down at the manga that has opened up due to its falling and raises an eyebrow at the erotic images on the pannels before looking at me. I smile sligtly raising my hands in defense.

"Hey, I wasn't reading it...its not even mine" I said

I turned as I heard footsteps slapping the pavement to see Lisa who had caught up. She made her way over, picking up the manga, inspecting it for any flaws due to its fall. When it passed inspection she looked from Kensei to me then back at Kensei, bowing to him before turning and leaving. I laughed to myself and shook my head before looking back up at my captain. He studied me for a while before nodding in the direction of the ninth divisions baraks.

"I'm assuming you haven't cleared out your room yet" He says

I roll my eyes at that, spring had just arrived and we were supposed to clean out our baraks...all that out with the old and in with the new stuff. I know I cant avoid it especially with Kensei and how serious he is about everything so I stand and mutter something about going to do it now and follow him back to the baraks. When we arrive I head into the hall and go to my room confused as to why Kensei hadnt gone to his office or something. He followed me into my room, closing the door behind him. I head over to my bed sitting down seeing that he wasn't leaving and I looked at him questioningly.

"Do you think I'm hard on you?" Kensei asks, leaning against the door watching me

I think about it then nod...he always treats me different, it always feels like he is more relaxed around the other shinigami in our division and when it comes to me he's as stiff as a stone.

"It's only because I care about you" He says, pushing off the door and walking over to me

"Well you sure have a funny way of showing it" I mutter quietly, looking away

"Yeah...I know" He says now standing in front of me

I look back up at him only to have him lean forward and press his lips to mine, he pulls me up by the waist and brings my body closer in to his as he kisses me. I stand there confused but slowly melt into the kiss, starting to kiss back. I blush slightly as he bites onto my lip pulling slightly telling my to open up. I part my lips obediently, letting him roan my mouth freely. I run my tongue over his smiling slightly as I hear him groan quietly. I feel his arms move up from my waist to my shoulders, sliding my shihakshou off my shoulders and fall back off of my body, starting to work on the white kimono-like undergarment that I wore underneath. I blushed as he slid that off my body as well, leaving me naked from the waist up. He kisses at my neck, starting to massage my breasts. I moan quietly as he kisses his way to my chest, biting down onto my breast bone before going over to one of my nipples, flicking his tongue out circling around the area before taking the nub into his mouth ans starting to suck. I moan as I feel my nipple going erect very quickly as he rolls the other between his fingers. He kisses his way back up to my lips and I let my hands rest on his chest making their way up, removing his captains haori followed by his shihakshou. I look at his toned body, letting my fingers run down his chest. I trace his 69 tattoo with my index finger feeling him shudder which makes me smile. I bite my lip as he picks me up and lays me down on the bed, climbing over top of me. He tugs at the fabric tied in a knot that is holding up my pants before pulling my pants off my legs. He raises his eyebrows seeing how wet I already am and I blush slightly seeing the bulge in his pants grow larger. I gasp quietly as he starts rubbing my womanhood through the thin fabric of my panties, kicking the annoying piece of clothing off. Kensei smirks slightly at how anxious I am and goes down, positioning his head between my thighs. I feel him licking at my thighs before feeling his tongue at my woman hood. I moan loudly as he starts to lick between my folds. I can feel him press his lips against my womanhood before feeling something wet and hot plunging into me, knowing that it was his tongue. I moaned loudly feeling his tongue licking my inner walls before hitting my clit and myself starting to get even wetter. Kissed his way back up to my breasts, taking one into his mouth again. I manage to flip myself over to he was on the bottom and smile slightly at him raising his eyebrows.

"You know how I said I didnt read that manga?" I said reffering to the magazine that I had taken from Lisa as I started to untie the string that held his pants up over his waist until I finally got it undone and pulled them off of him. I looked at Kensei, a smirk playing on my lips "I lied" I said, pulling his boxers off of him as well.

I looked at him biting my lip staring at his body, mainly his manhood before looking back at his eyes again. I let my index finger run its way slowly up his manhood base to tip, smirking slightly as I felt him shiver at my touch. I bent down kissing up the shaft of his manhood to the tip. I let my tongue make its way out and encircle his manhood before taking it in my mouth and bobbing  my head up and down. I could hear him moaning loudly and raised an eyebrow when he jerked his hips up quickly, forcing more of his manhood into my mouth. I came back up, sitting on top of his abs, hunching over and planting a kiss on his lips. He flipped back over me and I looked at him as he positioned himself infront of my entrance, before pushing in quickly. I screamed in pain feeling myself starting to bleed and a few tears flowing down my face. Kensei kissed the tears away, holding me close.

"I know, it hurts but the pain will end soon" He said soothingly rocking in and out slowly

I nodded and bit my lip waiting for the pain to subside, starting to moan as the pain was replaced by pleasure. Kensei started going in deeper ans faster and I wrapped my legs around him as he pounded inside of me. I screamed his name as I felt my walls tighten around him and felt him release. We panted quietly and I sighed silently feeling the sticky mix of our juices leak down my inner thighs as he pulled out, laying next to me.

"I really do care about you" He says quietly, pulling me close

"...I know" I nod and smile as I look at him, pressing my lips to his softly

[[Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Lemon]]

"Him?! Why him!" I yell angrily looking at Aizen as I point at Grimmjow.

"Well, you and him dont seem to get along so in hopes that you two will warm up to eachother you two will be sharing a room" Aizen said, finishing with a smirk.

I clench my teeth, hands balling up into fists. A few days ago I had a bit of an accident in my room when Grimmjow had gone in there and pissed me off. Somehow we had a bit of a fight and before I knew it there was nothing left of my now I had to share with him. I looked over at Grimmjow glaring slightly before storming out of the throne room into the direction of Grimmjow's room. I entered the room slamming the door behind me and looked around. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the room was cleaner then I thought it would be...much cleaner then I thought it would be. I looked around until my eyes landed on a door in the room and I advanced towards it, stepping into the bathroom. Like mine was, the bathroom was huge. All I wanted to do was forget everything that was happening and to do that I would take a relaxing bath or a nice long shower. I smiled slightly ans stripped down, putting my clothes in a small pile near the door before steping onto the tiled floor of the large shower area. I turn the tap on and let the water rain down on me, the steam from the hot water gathering in the room. I smile and close my eyes as the water flows from the shower head onto my body, cleansing me of my thoughts and my worries...that is until I hear a click. I look over to see Grimmjow standing at the doorway of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, staring at me through the glass walls of the shower area. Before I can blink, my back is pressed up to the tiled wall of the shower and I'm pinned against the wall by Grimmjow, his lips at mine kissing me forcefully. I gasp in surprise realizing that he had used sonido to get in the shower that quickly and he slips his tongue into my mouth, exploring it. I start to push him away when I realize that I wanted this...I wanted him. I start to wrap my arms around his neck, kissing back as he roams my mouth, claiming it as his before he starts kissing down my jawline to my neck. I moan quietly as he kisses, nips and sucks nearly every part of my neck, surly leaving many love bites as he goes and shudder when he hits my soft spot. I hear myself moan loudly, tangling my fingers through his slicked, wet blue hair as he sucks hard on that spot and blush slightly, feeling him smirk against my neck. He comes back up to my lips before pulling back and having a good look at my body. I bite my lip looking him up and down through the water that is raining down on us before stepping back in closer to him. I trace my fingers sensually down his chest, tracing his toned abs, getting dangerously close to his manhood. I can feel him breathing heavily as I do this and smirk slightly looking at him. Gasping as he doesn't waste a second, he hoists me up against the wall again, picking me up which forces me to wrap my legs around his waist. he takes one of my breasts into his mouth and starts nipping at it lightly before sucking on it hard. I moan loudly, pushing myself against him feeling myself starting to get wet. He kisses the nipple before moving on to my other breast, giving it the same treatment all while massaging the first in his hands. I moan loudly, tangling my fingers through his hair and let him do whatever he wants to me before he finally puts me down.

"My turn" I say mischievously as I start to kiss at his neck.

I kiss from his neck, kissing down to his chest then going the rest of the way, kneeling  on my knewws right in front of his manhood. I smirk slightly kissing the area next to the base then going up the shaft then back to the base again.

"Please... Just suck me" Grimmjow grunts, breathing unevenly.

"Anxious now, aren't we?" I smirk looking up at him.

I obey his instructions and let my tongue flick out and lick from base to tip before putting his manhood in my mouth. I start to bob slowly sucking lightly before slowly increasing my speed as well as sucking harder. I can feel his body go rigid and I can tell that he's about to go over and right on cue he releases. I swallow with a smirk and kiss my way back up to his lips before he pulls back. I raise my eyebrow before I moan loudly as he starts to stroke my woman hood, pushing a finger or two in every so often rubbing me on the inside and hitting all the right spots. I press my body to his, feeling his skin on mine and nip his earlobe.

"You're getting really wet there" He says with a smirk as he continues pumping his fingers in and out.

"Well its cause you're making me this wet" I purr into his ear.

He gives me a smirk before pushing me against the wall again and positioning himself at my entrance. He pushes in and I gasp, it didn't hurt because it wasn't my first time...but his size...he pumped in and out a few times letting me get used to it and started pumping faster as I started to moan. I bucked my hips into him as he was thrusting and moaned loudly, hearing him moan my name as well. As he thrust he took my breast into his mouth again starting to suck and I arched my back feeling intense pleasure, wrapping my legs around him. I could hear him groaning every so often and I moaned loudly as I felt myself tighten around his manhood, reaching my climax. He followed soon after, releasing inside of me before pulling out and kissing me passionately as the water continued to fall over our already soaked bodies.

[[Kiba Inuzuka Lemon]]

I smiled as Kiba  hugged me tighter around my waist, securing me in his lap and I leaned back into his chest. We were sitting in front of his tv watching some random movie that was playing on some random tv channel. His parents were out of town and I was staying the night, like I  did every so often. I felt myself blush feeling soft butterfly kisses going up and down the back of my neck. I turned myself around in his lap so I was facing him and caught his lips with mine with a smile. I felt him smile into the kiss as he licked my bottom lip and I granted him entrance and blushed slightly as he started roaming freely, completely in control. He started kissing me with more force as he rested his hands on my thighs and I could feel myself getting flushed, he and I had never kissed like this before. I could feel that wild Inuzuka nature starting to come out as he pulled back slightly, and picked me up while I was still facing him which forced me to wrap my legs around his waist so I wouldn't fall to the floor.

"Let's take this party to my bedroom hm?" He said huskily.

I bit my lip lightly as he carried me upstairs and into the room. I smile slightly as he sets me down on the bed and grab his hands, pulling him down with me. He smiles and traces my lips with a finger before pressing his to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him as we kissed and smiled slightly as he held me by the waist, tracing small circles with his thumbs. I could feel myself blush as he kissed at my neck, nipping at my skin. I gasped quietly as he found my soft spot, feeling him smile against my skin. He started kissing at that spot, running his canines over it which made me shudder.

"Take off your shirt" He muttered into my neck.

I blushed and obeyed, pulling my shirt up and over my head, discarding it over the side of the bed. Kiba smirked slightly as he went back up to my lips, kissing more forcefully. I could feel his hands running up and down the sides of my body down to my waist. He hooked his fingers on the waistband of my pants and started pulling them off of my body, still kissing me and I was soon left in nothing but my bra and panties. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes and I blushed slightly craning my neck to kiss him again. I tugged at his top and smiled slightly as he discarded his jacket and mesh top that he was wearing underneath. I bit my lip looking at his sculpted, toned chest feeling the heat creep its way up to my my face. I could feel my womanhood starting to get hot as he came back down on me, capturing my lips with his. His hand went to my back, starting to unhook my bra and before I knew it the piece of clothing was flung across the room. He didn't waste any time, immediately going down to my breasts cupping them in his hands and massaging them slowly. I inhaled sharply as he did this, closing my eyes he started to tease at my nipple, causing it to go erect. I heard a quiet whimper make its way up from my throat as I slowly opened my eyes again. His head was down near my breast and I bit my lip as he took the erect nipple in his mouth. I let out a quiet moan as I felt his sharp canines run slowly across the nipple, feeling myself starting to get wet when he repeated his actions with the other breast. He kissed back up through the valley of my breasts to my neck, making his way back to my lips. I kissed him soundly feeling his hands now making their way down, resting on my thighs now. I gasped as he started stroking my womanhood through my now wet panties and a I watched him smirk slightly and raise an eyebrow at how wet I was getting. He kissed my stomach going down to my waist, I blushed as he bit the side of the waistband of my panties and started pulling them down my legs with his teeth, flinging them somewhere else when they were off my body leaving me completely naked. I blushed as he stared down at my body before he satrted letting his hands wander, molding my womanly curves. His hands made their way down to my womanhod which was by now dripping with my juices. He started to run his fingers over my womanhood before pulling his hand away abruptly, and putting his head between my thighs. I could feel his hot wet tongue lick its way up from my thighs to my folds, licking up all of my juices before plunging its way in through my opening. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as he pushed my legs opened wider and worked his magic. He came back up smirking at me. I could feel myself dripping and my face was undoubtly compleatly red. I looked up at him talking small shallow breaths and bit my lip

"That isn'nt fair, I've got no clothes on any you're still fully clothed from the waist down"  said quietly.

He smirked slightly and kicked off his pants and boxers, revealing his growing erection. Without thinking my hand reached out, grazing his manhood. I could feel him tense as I did this which made me raise an eyebrow. I traced my index finger from base to tip and felt him shudder at my touch which mate my smirk slightly...he was putty in my hands. I got out from under him and pushed him back onto the bed, now looming over him. I let my hands run their way over his entire body letting them wander near his manhood and smiled slightly as he gave a low moan. I went up on my knees, positioning myself over his manhood before slowly letting myself slide onto him. I winced slightly biting my lip holding back tears at the pain....I never did have a high tolerance to pain.

"Are you alright?" Kiba said huskily...I could tell that he was feeling an intense ammount of pleasure but was holding back because of the pain I was in

I nodded stiffly, trying to work off the pain, getting use to it until a wave of pleasure hit me making me moan. I started to ride Kiba, grinding on him before suddenly being forced under him. I looked up at him in surprise as he started thrusting in and out quickly having to work off his need. I bit my lip moaning out his name loudly until I hit my climax, him following soon after. He pulled out, laying down next to me again now a panting mess. I giggled quietly, pressing my lips to his softly as I heard the tv downstairs with the movie still playing.

"Someone should go turn off the tv, no?" I said quietly looking at Kiba

I smiled slightly as he threw the covers over out bodies and pulled me close, feeling his body heat radiate off onto me.

"Forget about it.." He said quietly as we both drifted off

[[Sasuke Uchiha Lemon]]

There hadn't been much that had happened that day, very little to be honest. It was about midnight as I walked through the Akatsuki hide out, passing through the lounge seeing Sasuke along with Karin having a make out session on the couch. I smirked slightly and shook my head as I continued on to the room I was heading to. Karin was such an idiot, absolutely oblivious to anything and everything and it truthfully amused me. I stepped into the room heading over to the bed, looking underneath the frame and grabbing my clothes that were hidden by the covers of the bed that were cascading over the sides of the mattress and metal frame. I stripped out of my cloak and pulled the sheer silky nightgown over my bra and panties before crawling up onto the bed. Not a moment later Sasuke stepped into the room, closing the door behind him with a soft, click. He looked over at me and I smirked slightly cocking my head to the side

"Fancy meeting you here" I said, a small smirk still playing on my lips.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow as he makes his way over to the bed, pulling his Akatsuki cloak off his body as he continues to walk letting the cloak fall to the ground, leaving him shirtless as he climbs onto the bed and lays down beside me.

"Really? You do realize that this is my bedroom right?" He replies.

I smile slightly staring into his dark onyx eyes as he grabs me by the waist and pulls me close to his body, crashing his lips to mine as he does so. I can feel the corners of his lips raise into a smirk as our lips move in synch while we kiss. It feels like it has been forever since I felt his lips against mine when in reality, this had all happened last night as well. He bites lightly onto my lower lip and I grant him entrance before feeling is tongue exploring my mouth, feeling its way through every crevice, every nook and cranny. I let him push me onto my back as we kiss, feeling him on his knees and his legs, one on either side of my waist. He pulls back abruptly and I look up at him, following his eyes over to the door to the room that was now open. She stands there, a look of betrayal on her face as she looks from Sasuke to me then back again. I smirk at Kirin knowingly. She had finally found out, after all these months the real standings of her and Sasuke's relationship. She purses her lips and without saying a word she slams the door most likely going to sulk back to her room. I look back up at Sasuke who is already looking down at me. He leans down to my ear, I can feel his hot breath against it.

"Looks like she found out, we don't have to sneak around anymore" He chuckles quietly.

I smile slightly at that and nod, turning towards him and pressing my lips to his again. I wrap my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers through his hair kissing him until I inhale sharply, feeling his hands creep their way up the sheer fabric of my nightgown and pull it off my body unexpectedly. He start to kiss down my jawline to my neck, going over to my soft spot and working on it there. I bite my lower lip, going half lidded as he pampers the spot with kisses. I breathe in as he flicks his tongue out, circling the area before running his teeth over it. He starts sucking lightly as his hands wander up to my back, quickly unhooking my bra then bringing his hands towards my breasts, cupping one of them in his hand. I bite down hard on my lip, drawing blood, not yet wanting to make any sound for him. I can feel him smirk against my neck as he starts to massage my breast with his one hand, taking my nipple in his thumb and index finger and rolling it between them. I feel myself shudder to his touch as he makes his way over to my other breast with his lips and wraps his tongue around my other nipple and starts sucking. I finally let out a quiet moan, running my hands through his hair as he works on my breasts...I can already feel my panties starting to get wet. He kisses his way back up to my lips and I look him in the eyes, feeling my love turn to lust. I start to kiss at his neck, pulling at the waist band of his pants. I smile slightly as he starts to kick them off his legs, leaving him in his boxers alone. He pushes me back onto my back and I look up at him, raising an eyebrow. He lowers his head near my ear again and I smirk slightly.

"Let me have my fun first, then I'll let you have yours" He whispers seductively.

I roll my eyes but give him a slight nod. He starts to rub my inner thigh going up close to my woman hood then back down, lower again. I whine quietly as he does this, wanting him to just touch me already. He smirks slightly but starts to pull my panties down slowly off my body. He gets them off of me and fling them off somewhere else in the room leaving me completely naked. He stares down at my body hungrily before letting his hands wander down, starting from my breasts to my waist to my thighs. He finally lets a hand run straight over my womanhood and I feel myself shudder violently. He smirks slightly, letting his hand run through the fine hair on my lower front before letting his fingers make their way around and through my folds. I moaned for a second time, feeling my juices start to dribble out of my body. I gasp as he suddenly sticks a finger inside of me pumping it in and out slowly. My lower lip wobbles as he starts to fit more of his finger inside of me. I can feel him rubbing me on the inside and moan loudly as he touches my clit. He keeps up with these actions and as if my body moves on its on, I thrust my hips feeling an insane amount of pleasure.

"You're getting really tight there" Sasuke says, clearly enjoying my reactions to all of his actions.

He pulls his fingers out of me, licking them slowly before smirking. He presses his hands on my waist and makes me separate my legs. Before I know  it, his head is between my thighs and I can feel something wet and hot making their way through my folds.  I moan loudly again as I feel Sasuke plunge his tongue inside of me, hitting all the right spots. I moan out his name in pleasure as he passes my clit again with his tongue and unwillingly cum into his mouth. He comes back up with a smirk, wiping my juices off of the side of his face before pulling off his boxers. I watch him as he positions himself in front of my entrance and starts to push himself in. I moan as he does and pull him down, pressing my lips to his kissing him deeply as he starts to thrust in and out quickly. I buck my hips into his and smirk slightly hearing him let out a low moan. I wrap my legs around his waist as he continues to thrust in and out and somehow flip the tables getting him on his back. I smirk slightly as he groans quietly, pulling myself up so he is out of me and use my chakra to make sure that he stays down.

"Looks like it's my turn" I say with a smirk.

I plant a kiss on his lips before letting my fingers run down his chest slowly. I smirk slowly as I feel him shiver at my touch and hover my hand over his manhood. I wrap my hand around his crotch and start pumping slowly watching him as he closes his eyes holding back a moan. I raise an eyebrow as I lean down and kiss the tip. I smirk as his eyes open wide and look down at me. I stick my tongue out teasingly getting dangerously close to his shaft before pretending to change my mind and close my mouth again. I laugh quietly as he groans and lick up from the shaft to the tip and start to suck. I can hear him moaning loudly, moaning my name and I smirk, fitting more of him into my mouth and sucking harder. He's fidgeting all over the place but I restrain him with my chakra. I smirk slightly as I pull away from his member and hear him groan quietly. I can tell that all he wants to do is release as I get up over his body and position myself, lowering myself onto his crotch again and I start to rotate my hips around in small circles. I start riding him faster, grinding and bouncing on him, giving and receiving great amounts of pleasure until suddenly I somehow end up back underneath Sasuke. I look up at him in surprise and he gives me a smirk that said that my hold on him was obviously not strong enough. He started trusting in and out quickly and I moaned loudly, feeling more of my own juices start to drip out of me. I gripped onto the bed sheets yelling out his name as he went faster until we both came at the exact same time. He pulled out, collapsing next to me and pulling me close. A thin layer of sweat covered both our bodies and we were both panting like dogs.

"I love you" He whispered as he hit the lights.

I smiled slightly and snuggled into his chest, feeling suddenly very sleepy. I let my heavy eyelids droop over my eyes and my entire body relax as I smiled

" I love you to" I muttered quietly.